Collection of work, portfolio,
tutorials, and experiments.

This page is an unordered portfolio, a record of the accomplishments of my life so far.
Instead of summerizing who I am, explore the collection of things I've worked on, designed, or created below.


Freelance Web & App Development

Summer 2021 - Current

Computer Science (Major) w/ Co-op, UVic

Fall 2017 - Current

Experiments: Animimation + Machine Learning

Unity, ML Agents, PPO


A stylish rhythm game at the subatomic level, created for Ludum Dare 47.

EA: NHL 2020

Associate Software Engineer (Co-op), Sep 2018 - Apr 2019

LO206 Kart Acceleration Calculator

Calculator to determine how engine gearing, setup, weight, and initial speed effect the time required to travel straight line distance.

Kart Racing

Member of Vancouver Island Karting Association

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